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Neolube No. 1 is an industrial compound used primarily at nuclear power plants and facilities as a thread lubricant, anti-seize compound, and lubricant for moving parts and rubbing points. It is composed of  99% graphite particles mixed with isopropanol and thermoplastic resin making it a very pure chemical and resistant to radiation.

Technical Information

  • Dilution: Neolube No. 1 is packaged for immediate use with no additional chemicals required. If there is a need for dilution, mix with isopropanol as needed.
  • Pretreatment: Before applying the product, all surfaces should be cleaned with solvent and allowed to air dry. Pretreatment using etching, phosphating, or anodizing may be required for critical applications.
  • Application: Fully mix the solution prior to applying. Using a spray, brush in cap applicator, or regular brush is the best way to apply Neolube No. 1 to your surface.
  • Cure Time: After application, allow to air dry for approximately 5 minutes, taking into account humidity and temperature.
  • Packaging: Neolube No.1 is available in two sizes. There are 2-ounce and 8-ounce non-halogenated bottles. Both come with a brush in cap applicator.
  • Precautions: As this is a flammable product, safety protocols must be followed. Always use proper PPE for handling Neolube No. 1. Store in a secure, well-ventilated, dry area, and make sure the bottle is tightly sealed after use.

With proper safety and handling practices, Neolube No. 1 is a great product for your industrial applications. It has been approved for use by the Naval Ship Engineering Center, in Hyattsville, Maryland, and has passed stringent requirements for lubricating applications of commercial and naval nuclear reactor systems. Call Huron Industries today to find out more information.