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Dry Film Lubricant


Dry Film Lubricants have been used in the components and/or construction of every nuclear power plant in the United States as a lubricant and anti-seize (or anti-galling) compound because of the low halogen content, a high-level of chemical purity.

Neolube® No. 1

Neolube® No. 1 conforms to the stringent requirements of Military Specification MIL-L-24131C. Huron Industries, Inc. has been on the QPL (Qualified Products Lists) for this product since 1974. NEOLUBE® No. 1 has satisfied the stringent requirements for lubricating the internal and auxiliary equipment mechanisms of commercial and naval nuclear reactor systems. NEOLUBE® No. 1 provides non-corrosive, dry adherent lubrication for metal parts with limited clearances in applications where control of impurities is required. NEOLUBE® No. 1 resists abrasion and effectively lubricates moving parts, rubbing surfaces, and threaded parts for easier assembly, trouble-free operation and non-destructive disassembly. NEOLUBE® No. 1 is packaged in 2-ounce and 8-ounce non-halogenated plastic bottles with a brush in cap applicator. Neolube® No. 1 has the following National Stock Numbers associated with it: 9150-00-926-8963, 9150-01-304-6633, 9150-LL-L12-5267, 9150-LL-S04-5217, 9150-01-335-5044, 9150-LL-HX6-3358, 9150-00-LL-N91-0354, 9150-LL-RM1-3003, 9150-01-499-2121.

Download Neolube No.1 Technical Data Sheet

Download Neolube No.1 Safety Data Sheet

Neolube® No. 2

NEOLUBE® NO. 2 is a dry film conductive lubricant used extensively at nuclear power generating plants and other nuclear facilities as an anti-seize compound, thread lubricant, and for lubricating moving parts and rubbing surfaces. The thinness of the coating, coupled with high lubricity, provides clean long-wearing lubrication without redesign of component dimensions. NEOLUBE® NO. 2 is also an easy-to-apply resistance coating designed to provide conductivity, and excellent release properties to many non-conductive substrates, including most plastics. NEOLUBE® NO. 2 has the ability to vary conductivity.

Download Neolube No.2 Technical Data Sheet

Download Neolube No.2 Safety Data

Molybdenum Disulfide in Isopropanol, Lubricant

Molybdenum Disulfide in Isopropanol is a speciality lubricant designed for applications where control of impurities is required. This lubricant is intended for use on threaded fasteners and other anti-seize applications of closely fitted parts.  It is fully certified to Military Specification MIL-L-24478 and comes in two forms:

Premixed Lubricant – 8-ounce Bottle with Brush in Cap Applicator – National Stock Number 9150-01-206-3627

Lubricant Kit – 1500 Grams of Molybdenum Disulfide and 1000 Milliliters of Isopropanol – National Stock Number 9150-00-424-3224


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